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  • Windscreen Cleaner Shampoo

    Windscreen Cleaner Shampoo

  • Wiper Blades Wurth

    1 x smart FLATBLADE windscreen wiper with profile edge protection including premounted multi-adapters for hook wiper arms (retrofit) and OE adapters for the most common new-generation vehicle types (direct fit) Notice Make sure that the windscreen is free of oil, wax, tar and other soiling so that the service life is not negatively affected. Always…

  • Wurth Rat Protection

    Keeps martens and rodents away from cables, pipes, plastic or rubber parts and electrical systems of homes and vehiclesThe product coats the entire surface with a sticky film that repels martens and rodents
    Easy and quick to use
    spray on the areas to be treated coating all sidessuitable for both internal and external use
    once dry, the product acts as an invisible fenceprevents damage on plastic and rubber components

  • Wurth Active Glass Cleaner

    Active cleaning foam for streak-free cleaning on glass and smooth surfaces

    When spraying, a foam is produced, which prevents running off on vertical surfaces, thereby reliably removing stubborn dirt

    Cleans painted surfaces as well as rubber and plastic parts while remaining gentle on the material

    Saves money thanks to 20x yield

    Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Not suitable for polycarbonate glass.

  • Silicone Spray

    Ensures long-lasting protection, preservation and insulation of vehicle exterior and interior plastic, rubber and metal parts; good lubricating propertiesPlastic parts retain a high-gloss finish and do not become brittleRubber parts are protected, do not become brittle and do not freeze or stickImpregnated folding roofs and hoodsAnti-static effect (dust-repellent)Protects electrical contacts against moistureSliding roof and seat rails, seat belt rollers etc. run smoothlyPrevents squeaks and creaks between dissimilar materials, e.g. metal/plastic etc.Serves as an installation aid, e.g. for hose connectionsNo stainin

  • Diesel Injection Cleaner

    For cleaning all common passenger car and truck diesel engines.
    For cleaning the injection pump and nozzle

    Loosens and removes deposits, even in micro range
    Ensures clean combustion

    Neutralises and binds acid condensation water

    Protects the fuel system from corrosion
    Cleans and protects from the tank through to the combustion chamber

    Improves the cetane number

    Reduces fuel-related “knocking”

    Synthetic-based active agent concentrate

    like those used in national and international diesel fuels.

  • Rust remover Rost-Off Plus

    High-quality rust remover, lubricating effect ? owing to the latest additive technology (OMC?2?technology)
    High capillary activity

    Optimum creeping properties ensure outstanding rust penetration and extensive rust removal

    Contains liquid, highly effective, organic molybdenum compound OMC2

    In contrast to products which contain solid lubricants, such as MOS2, OMC2?does not precipitate out in larger containers
    Friction is reduced
    Excellent lubricating effect by smoothing the metal surface
    Ensures permanent smooth running of connections

    Corrosion protection additives for optimum protection

    Provides lasting protection against further corrosion

    Resin and acid-free


    Compatible with rubber and plastic

    Immediately remove excess material or splashes on sensitive and painted surfaces.
    Resin- and acid-free


  • Diesel performance improver

    For lubricating passenger car and truck diesel systems.
    Prevents deposits from building up in the combustion chamber and injection system

    Improves the lubricating effect of low-sulphur fuels

    Therefore prevents surface abrasion and prevents the risk of the injection system malfunctioning.

    The storage stability of bio-diesel fuels is extended

    Ensures precise diesel injection

    Lower fuel consumption
    Quiet engine running

    Free from sulphur, phosphorous, metals and acids


    300?ml is sufficient for 70?litres of diesel.

  • Halogen bulb Long-life

    For drivers who cover many miles and drivers who use daytime running lights

    Type description: H7 Longlife
    Nominal voltage: 12 V/DC
    Power rating: 55 W
    Socket designation: PX26d

  • Exhaust assembly paste

    No complicated welding required
    Becomes as hard as metal due to the heat from the exhaust
    Temperature resistant up to approx. 800?C
    Seals off permanently
    Resistant to impacts and vibration
    Not susceptible to rust ? hence easy to dismantle

    Soft compound for quick, easy and completely gas-tight assembly of sleeve (pipe plug) and flange connectors in exhaust systems.

    Weight of content: 140 g
    Colour: Grey
    Smell/fragrance: Odourless
    Chemical basis: Sodium silicate
    Shelf life from production: 12 Month
    Max. temperature resistance: 800 ?C
    Density: 1.71 g/cm?
    Density conditions: at 20?C

  • Safety glasses Standard

    All-round design for maximum side protection.
    First-class polycarbonate lenses and polycarbonate frame
    Sporty and dynamic design
    Scratch-resistant and impact-resistant
    UV protection up to 99%

    CE certified; complies with EN 166-2001

    Complies with ANSI Z87.1-2010