WURTH HHS 2000 Synthetic Grease 500ml

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WURTH HHS 2000 allows it to be used across different applications, saving time & effort by eliminating the need for multiple specialized lubricants

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WURTH HHS 2000 Synthetic Grease 500ml

WURTH HHS 2000 Synthetic Grease 500ml emerges as a powerhouse lubricant that delivers exceptional performance. As a professional-grade, high-pressure lubricant, WURTH HHS 2000 offers a multitude of benefits and features that make it a preferred choice for various applications.


WURTH HHS 2000 boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart as a high-performance lubricant. This versatile formula serves as a multipurpose lubricant, penetrating oil, and anti-corrosion spray all in one.

It excels in rust prevention and provides a durable lubrication film that withstands high pressures and temperatures. With superior penetration capabilities, WURTH HHS 2000 effectively loosens rusted or seized components, making it an invaluable tool for maintenance and repairs.

Its multi-surface compatibility ensures that it can be used on various materials, including metal, plastic, and rubber. Additionally, its fast-acting nature allows for efficient lubrication and protection, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.


Choosing WURTH HHS 2000 as your lubricant of choice comes with a host of benefits. Firstly, its high-performance formulation provides effective rust prevention, ensuring that your machinery and equipment remain in optimal condition.

The durable lubrication film offers long-lasting protection, reducing friction and wear for extended periods. WURTH HHS 2000’s versatility allows it to be used across different applications, saving time and effort by eliminating the need for multiple specialized lubricants.

Its superior penetration properties enable the lubricant to reach tight spaces and free up seized or rusted parts efficiently. Furthermore, the high-pressure capabilities make it suitable for demanding industrial applications.

By choosing WURTH HHS 2000, you can expect improved equipment performance, extended component life, and reduced maintenance costs.

How to Use WURTH HHS 2000

Follow these steps :

  1. Shake the canister well before use to ensure proper mixing of the lubricant.
  2. Identify the area or component that requires lubrication or protection.
  3. For general lubrication, hold the canister approximately 20 cm away from the target area and spray a thin, even layer of WURTH HHS 2000.
  4. To penetrate rusted or seized parts, spray the lubricant directly onto the affected area. Allow it to penetrate for a few minutes to loosen the rust or corrosion.
  5. If necessary, use a brush or cloth to help spread the lubricant or remove excess debris.
  6. Repeat the application if additional lubrication or protection is required.
  7. Once applied, allow the lubricant to set and provide its protective properties.

Availability and Pricing of WURTH HHS 2000 in Sri Lanka

To purchase WURTH HHS 2000 in Sri Lanka, you can explore authorized distributors and retailers of WURTH products. These establishments typically offer the product for sale, along with other high-quality automotive and industrial solutions.

By contacting local distributors or retailers, you can inquire about the availability and current pricing of WURTH HHS 2000. They can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information specific to your location.

Additionally, online platforms and e-commerce websites such as may also offer the product, providing convenient purchasing options and doorstep delivery.

Technical data

  • Product: WURTH HHS 2000
  • Product Type: High-Performance Lubricant
  • Form: Aerosol Spray
  • Color: Transparent
  • Odor: Characteristic
  • Temperature Range: -50°C to +150°C (-58°F to +302°F)
  • Flash Point: <0°C (<32°F)
  • Propellant: Propane/Butane
  • Viscosity: Low-viscosity
  • Density: 0.76 g/cm³
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Container Size: 400ml
  • Application Method: Aerosol spray for easy and precise application

Key Properties

  • Excellent rust prevention and corrosion protection
  • High-pressure lubrication for heavy-duty applications
  • Superior penetration capabilities
  • Long-lasting lubrication film
  • Multi-surface compatibility
  • Fast-acting and quick-drying
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Anti-seize properties

Usage Recommendations

Ideal for industrial, automotive, and general maintenance applications
Suitable for lubricating hinges, joints, sliding mechanisms, locks, chains, gears, and more
Effective in penetrating rusted or seized components
Provides long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion
Suitable for use on metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces

Safety Information:

  • Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, and hot surfaces
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • Use in a well-ventilated area
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Dispose of empty containers properly according to local regulations
  • Please note that this information is based on general technical data and it is always recommended to refer to the specific product label or technical
  • data sheet provided by the manufacturer for detailed and accurate information regarding WURTH HHS 2000.


It is a high-performance lubricant that brings unparalleled performance and versatility to industrial and automotive applications.

With its exceptional features, including rust prevention, durable lubrication film, and superior penetration, this professional-grade lubricant ensures optimal performance, extended equipment life, and reduced maintenance costs.

By following the recommended usage instructions, you can harness the power of WURTH HHS 2000 and experience its numerous benefits firsthand. Make it your go-to lubricant and witness improved efficiency and reliability in your maintenance and repair tasks.

Embrace the power of WURTH HHS 2000, a true leader in the realm of automotive and industrial lubrication.

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