LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin 4L

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LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin is a high-performance engine oil meticulously engineered to meet the specific demands of gasoline-powered vehicles.

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LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin 4L

LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin is a high-performance engine oil specially formulated for gasoline-powered vehicles. This advanced motor oil is meticulously crafted using top-quality base oils and state-of-the-art additives to meet the rigorous demands of modern gasoline engines. LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin provides exceptional lubrication, protection, and performance, ensuring smooth operation and longevity for gasoline engines.


  1. Superior Formulation: LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin is formulated with premium-quality base oils and advanced additives to meet the stringent requirements of gasoline engines, ensuring optimal performance and protection.
  2. Optimal Viscosity: With a viscosity grade of 10W-30, this oil provides excellent flow properties, ensuring rapid lubrication of engine components during cold starts while maintaining optimal viscosity at high temperatures.
  3. Engine Cleanliness: The advanced formulation of Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin helps prevent the formation of deposits and sludge in the engine, keeping critical components clean and ensuring smooth operation.
  4. Wear Protection: This oil provides effective wear protection for engine components, reducing friction and minimizing wear, even under high loads and operating temperatures, thereby prolonging the engine’s lifespan.
  5. Fuel Efficiency: By reducing internal friction and optimizing engine performance, LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin helps improve fuel efficiency, leading to potential cost savings over time.


  1. Enhanced Engine Performance: Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin ensures optimal engine performance, delivering smooth operation, improved power delivery, and enhanced responsiveness.
  2. Extended Engine Lifespan: The superior lubrication and wear protection properties of this oil help prolong the engine’s lifespan by minimizing wear and maintaining component integrity.
  3. Engine Cleanliness: By preventing the buildup of deposits and sludge, this oil promotes engine cleanliness, reducing the risk of performance issues and maintenance requirements.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: With its low viscosity and friction-reducing properties, Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin contributes to improved fuel efficiency, helping reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  5. Compatibility: LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin is suitable for use in a wide range of gasoline engines, including turbocharged and intercooled systems, without compromising performance or engine longevity.

How to Use LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin

  1. Preparation: Ensure the engine is cool and parked on a level surface.
  2. Drain Old Oil: If necessary, drain the old oil from the engine by removing the drain plug and allowing the oil to drain completely.
  3. Replace Oil Filter: Install a new oil filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Fill with Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin: Pour the recommended amount of LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin into the engine through the oil filler opening.
  5. Check Oil Level: Use the dipstick to check the oil level and ensure it falls within the recommended range. Add more oil if necessary.
  6. Start Engine: Start the engine and allow it to idle for a few minutes to circulate the new oil throughout the engine.
  7. Final Inspection: After running the engine, turn it off and check for any leaks or abnormalities. Ensure that the oil level remains within the recommended range.

LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin Price in Sri Lanka

The price of LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin may vary depending on the retailer and container size. For accurate pricing information in Sri Lanka, it is advisable to check with local automotive supply stores, authorized dealers, or online retailers such as

LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin Near Me

LIQUI MOLY products, including Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin, are available at authorized dealers, automotive supply stores, and retailers across Sri Lanka. To find a retailer near you, you can use the LIQUI MOLY official website’s dealer locator tool or inquire at local automotive shops for assistance in locating a nearby supplier. With LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 10W-30 Benzin, gasoline engine owners can ensure optimal performance, protection, and reliability for their vehicles.



  • excellent wear resistance
  • reduces pollutant emissions
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • excellent high and low temperature behavior
  • miscible with all commercially available motor oils
  • long engine service life
  • tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters
  • optimum stability to aging
  • high lubrication reliability
  • outstanding engine cleanliness
  • instant lubrication after cold start
  • stable against shear forces
  • smooth engine running
  • optimum oil pressure under all operating conditions

Specifications / Approvals


LIQUI MOLY also recommends this product for vehicles or assemblies for which the following specifications or original part numbers are required

Chrysler MS-6395 • Daihatsu • Fiat 9.55535-CR1 • Ford • GM • GM 6094 M • Honda • Hyundai • Isuzu • Kia • Mazda • Mitsubishi • Nissan • Subaru • Suzuki • Toyota

Technical data

  • Viscosity SAE class 10W-30 SAE J 300
  • Density at 15 °C 0,870 g/cm³ DIN 51757
  • Viscosity at 40 °C 71,0 mm²/s DIN 51562
  • Viscosity at 100 °C 10,5 mm²/s DIN 51562
  • Viscosity at -30 °C (MRV) < 60000 mPas ASTM D 4684
  • Viscosity at -25 °C (CCS) <= 7000 mPas ASTM D 5293
  • Viscosity index 135 DIN ISO 2909
  • HTHS at 150°C < 3,5 mPas ASTM D 5481
  • Pour point -36 °C DIN ISO 3016
  • Evaporation loss (Noack) 10,0 % CEC-L-40-A-93
  • Flash point 230 °C DIN ISO 2592
  • Total base number 7,3 mg KOH/g DIN ISO 3771
  • Sulfate ash 0,85 g/100g DIN 51575
  • Color number (ASTM) L 2,0 DIN ISO 2049

Areas of application

Ideal for modern Asian and American gasoline engines with multi-valve technology and turbocharging with and without charge air cooling. Especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and heavy duty engine requirements.


The specifications and instructions from the unit or vehicle manufacturer must be followed. Optimum effectiveness only when the product is used unmixed.

Our information is based on thorough research and may be considered reliable, although not legally binding.

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