LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray 200ml

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LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray is an essential tool for protecting your electronic devices from moisture, dust, and other harmful substances.

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LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray 200ml.

LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray is a high-quality product designed to clean and protect electronic components and electrical systems. It offers a range of benefits and features that make it an effective solution for maintaining the performance and reliability of electronic devices.

Over time, oxidation can form on metal contacts, hindering the flow of electricity and leading to poor performance or malfunctions. LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray helps to eliminate oxidation, restoring the contact surfaces to their original condition and improving overall electrical conductivity.


LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray provides a host of benefits that are essential for your electronic systems. Firstly, it is a reliable electronic contact cleaner that effectively removes dirt, grime, and oxidation from electronic components. By eliminating these contaminants, the spray improves electrical conductivity, ensuring seamless communication and preventing malfunctions.

Additionally, LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray offers superior protection against corrosion. It forms a thin, non-conductive film that shields electronic components from moisture, dust, and other harmful elements. This protective layer helps prevent corrosion and extends the lifespan of your electronics, ultimately saving you from costly repairs or replacements.


LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray boasts several key features that make it a preferred choice for electronic maintenance. Firstly, its fast-drying formula ensures quick and efficient cleaning without leaving behind any residue. This allows you to work on your electronics promptly and prevents any potential damage caused by moisture.

Furthermore, it is safe for use on sensitive electronics. Its non-conductive nature ensures that it won’t interfere with electrical currents or damage delicate components. You can confidently use the spray on circuit boards, connectors, switches, and other electronic parts without worrying about any adverse effects.

How to Use LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray

  • Using LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to effectively clean and protect your electronic components:
  • Start by ensuring that the power is disconnected from the electronic device or system.
  • Shake the Electronic Spray can well before use.
  • Spray the product directly onto the electronic components, focusing on areas with dirt, grime, or corrosion.
  • Allow the spray to penetrate for a few seconds, then use a clean, lint-free cloth or brush to gently remove any remaining contaminants.
  • For heavily corroded or stubborn areas, you may need to repeat the process.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, let the components dry thoroughly before reconnecting the power.

LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray Price in Sri Lanka

The price of it may vary depending on the retailer and location. To obtain accurate pricing information, it is advisable to check with authorized LIQUI MOLY distributors or electronic stores in Sri Lanka. They can provide you with the current price and availability of the product.

LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray near me

To find LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray near you, consider visiting authorized retailers such as, electronic stores, or automotive maintenance shops. These establishments typically carry a wide range of products, including Electronic Spray. Additionally, you can explore online platforms and e-commerce websites that offer LIQUI MOLY products, ensuring convenient access to this essential electronic maintenance solution.

Technical data

  • Color/appearance: blue
  • Base: synthetic oil
  • Viscosity at 104 °F: 49,5 mm²/s
  • Viscosity at 212°F: 7 mm²/s
  • Viscosity index: 145
  • Pour point: -63 °F DIN ISO 3016
  • Flashpoint 393 °F DIN ISO 2592
  • Evaporation loss (Noack): 2,1 Gew.-% DIN ISO 2909
  • Water content: 40 ppm Ω · cm DIN 51 581
  • Neutralization number: 0,03 mg KOH/g DIN 51 777 T 1
  • Copper corrosion: 0-1 DIN 51 809
  • Specific electrical volume resistance at 68 °F: 1,6 · 10 ⁻⁹ Ω · cm
  • Odor: characteristic
  • Form: liquid


With LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray, you can effectively clean, protect, and maintain your electronic systems. This powerful contact cleaner and corrosion protector ensures optimal performance, improved conductivity, and prolonged lifespan for your electronics. Whether you are dealing with dirt, grime, or corrosion, Electronic Spray provides the solution you need. Remember to follow the usage instructions carefully to achieve

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