LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT 400g

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LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT is meticulously engineered to provide lubrication & protection in extreme conditions, ensuring smooth operation and extended lifespan.

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LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT 400g

LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT is a premium lubricant formulated for demanding automotive and industrial applications. This high-performance grease is meticulously engineered to provide superior lubrication and protection in extreme conditions, ensuring smooth operation and extended component lifespan. With its excellent temperature stability, load-carrying capacity, and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Grease is the preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking reliable performance and durability. Trusted by users worldwide, this versatile grease delivers unmatched quality and peace of mind in critical applications.


  1. High-Temperature Performance: This grease is formulated to withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for use in demanding conditions where traditional greases may fail.
  2. Excellent Load-Carrying Capacity: LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Grease offers exceptional load-carrying capacity, providing reliable lubrication and protection for heavily loaded components.
  3. Resistance to Oxidation and Corrosion: It resists oxidation and corrosion, ensuring long-term stability and protection for metal surfaces even in harsh environments.
  4. Water Resistance: The grease is water-resistant, preventing washout and maintaining its lubricating properties in wet conditions.
  5. Versatility: LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Grease is suitable for a wide range of applications, including bearings, bushings, chassis components, and more, making it a versatile choice for automotive and industrial use.
  6. Long-Term Lubrication: It provides long-lasting lubrication, reducing friction and wear on moving parts and extending the lifespan of equipment and machinery.
  7. Compatibility: The grease is compatible with various materials commonly found in automotive and industrial applications, including metals, plastics, and elastomers.


  1. Enhanced Lubrication: Provides superior lubrication, reducing friction and wear on moving parts, leading to smoother operation and prolonged component lifespan.
  2. High-Temperature Stability: Withstands high temperatures without compromising performance, ensuring reliable lubrication even in extreme operating conditions.
  3. Extended Maintenance Intervals: Offers long-lasting lubrication, reducing the frequency of re-greasing and maintenance intervals, saving time and labor costs.
  4. Excellent Load-Carrying Capacity: Handles heavy loads effectively, protecting components from premature wear and damage in high-stress environments.
  5. Corrosion and Rust Protection: Guards against corrosion and rust, preserving the integrity of metal surfaces and preventing costly damage caused by oxidation.
  6. Water Resistance: Resists water washout, maintaining its lubricating properties even in wet or humid conditions, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environments.
  7. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including bearings, bushings, chassis components, and more, offering versatility for various automotive and industrial uses.
  8. Improved Efficiency: Reduces energy consumption and improves equipment efficiency by minimizing frictional losses, resulting in optimized performance and reduced operating costs.
  9. Reliability: Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide for its consistent performance and reliability, ensuring peace of mind in critical applications.

How to Use LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT

  1. Preparation: Before application, ensure that the surfaces requiring lubrication are clean and free from any dirt, dust, or old grease. Use a suitable solvent or degreaser to clean the surfaces thoroughly if needed. Allow the surfaces to dry completely before proceeding.
  2. Application: Apply LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Grease directly onto the surfaces to be lubricated. You can use a grease gun for precise application or apply the grease manually if necessary. Ensure to apply an adequate amount of grease to cover the lubrication points thoroughly.
  3. Even Distribution: Spread the grease evenly across the surfaces, paying particular attention to areas with moving parts or high friction points. This ensures comprehensive coverage and optimal lubrication effectiveness.
  4. Reassembly (if applicable): If you’ve disassembled any components for lubrication, carefully reassemble them, ensuring proper alignment and fitment. Apply additional grease as needed during reassembly to ensure all moving parts are adequately lubricated.
  5. Operational Testing: After applying the grease, operate the machinery or equipment to allow the grease to distribute evenly and work into the moving parts. This helps to ensure that the lubrication is properly distributed and effective.
  6. Regular Maintenance: Periodically inspect the lubricated components for signs of wear or dryness. Reapply LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Grease as needed to maintain optimal lubrication and prolong the lifespan of the equipment or machinery.
  7. Storage: Store the container of LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Grease in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ensure the container is tightly sealed to prevent contamination and maintain the quality of the grease.

LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Price in Sri Lanka

The price of LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT may vary depending on the retailer and location in Sri Lanka. It is advisable to check with local automotive supply stores, authorized dealers, or online retailers such as for current pricing information.

LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT Near Me

LIQUI MOLY products, including LM 50 Litho HT, are available at various authorized dealers, automotive supply stores, and retailers across Sri Lanka. To find a retailer near you, you can use the LIQUI MOLY official website’s dealer locator tool or inquire at local automotive shops for assistance in locating a nearby supplier.

Investing in high-quality lubrication like LIQUI MOLY LM 50 Litho HT is a prudent decision for any vehicle owner looking to optimize vehicle performance and longevity. With its advanced formulation and proven reliability, it’s a product that delivers exceptional protection and peace of mind on every journey.


  • high capacity
  • wide operating temperature range
  • highest load-carrying capacity
  • optimum stability to aging
  • friction and wear reducing
  • good corrosion protection
  • universal application

Technical data

  • Brief description KP2N-30 DIN 51502
  • Operating temperature range -22 – +284 short term to +356 °F
  • NLGI number 2 DIN 51818
  • Thickener lithium complex
  • Worked penetration 265-295 1/10 mm DIN ISO 2137
  • Dropping point > 500 °F DIN ISO 2176
  • Color / appearance blue
  • Oil separation after 18 hours at 104 °F 0,8 % DIN 51817
  • Oil separation after 7 days at 104 °F 2,7 % DIN 51817
  • Flow pressure at -22 °F < 1400 mbar DIN 51805
  • Emcor corrosion class 0/0 DIN 51802
  • Copper corosion after 24 hours at 212 °F 1 b DIN 51811
  • Behavior in the presence of water 1-90 DIN 51807 part 1
  • Four-ball tester material load/weld force 2800/3000 N DIN 51350 part 4
  • Four-ball tester wear/indentation diameter 0,6 mm DIN 51350 part 5
  • Base oil mineral oil
  • Viscosity at 104 °F 210,0 mm²/s ASTM D 7042-04
  • Flash point 474 °F DIN ISO 2592
  • Pour point -11 °F DIN ISO 3016
  • Recommended storage temperature 41 – 77 °F

Areas of application

Suitable for a wide application range in all motor vehicles, specifically suitable for fast spinning bearings with high load such as wheel bearings. Application Before treating with LM 50 Litho HT, the components must be clean and free from residues such as lubricants, dirt and moisture. Full performance is only realised when used alone.

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