LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel 250ml

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LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel is a cutting-edge diesel fuel additive engineered to enhance the performance and efficiency of diesel engines.

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LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel 250ml

LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel is a premium diesel fuel additive formulated to enhance the performance, efficiency, and cleanliness of diesel engines. It is designed to address common issues faced by diesel vehicles, such as poor combustion, injector deposits, friction, and emissions. This advanced additive contains a blend of high-quality detergents, lubricants, and combustion improvers that work together to optimize engine operation and maintain vital components.


  1. Advanced Formulation: LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel is crafted with a potent blend of high-quality additives designed to improve the combustion process in diesel engines.
  2. Injector Cleaning: This additive effectively cleans fuel injectors, removing deposits and ensuring optimal fuel atomization for improved engine performance.
  3. Friction Reduction: By lubricating critical engine components, Speed Tec Diesel reduces friction and wear, leading to smoother engine operation and extended component lifespan.
  4. Enhanced Ignition: Speed Tec Diesel enhances fuel ignition, resulting in improved throttle response, acceleration, and overall engine efficiency.
  5. Emissions Reduction: By optimizing combustion, this additive helps reduce harmful emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability and compliance with emissions regulations.


  1. Increased Power and Torque: The improved combustion efficiency provided by Speed Tec Diesel leads to increased power and torque output, enhancing the overall performance of diesel engines.
  2. Improved Fuel Economy: With its ability to enhance fuel combustion and reduce friction, Speed Tec Diesel helps improve fuel economy, saving drivers money on fuel costs over time.
  3. Extended Engine Lifespan: By reducing wear and maintaining optimal engine cleanliness, this additive helps extend the lifespan of diesel engines, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.
  4. Emissions Compliance: Speed Tec Diesel helps diesel engines meet emissions standards by reducing the formation of harmful pollutants during combustion, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

How to Use LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel

  1. Add to Fuel Tank: Add the recommended dosage of LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel to the fuel tank before refueling. Refer to the product label or manufacturer instructions for the correct dosage based on your vehicle’s fuel capacity.
  2. Refuel: After adding the additive, refuel the vehicle as usual with diesel fuel. Ensure that the fuel tank is filled to the appropriate level.
  3. Drive Normally: Drive the vehicle normally to allow the additive to mix thoroughly with the diesel fuel and circulate through the engine.
  4. Repeat Treatment: For optimal results, repeat the treatment with LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel at regular intervals, as recommended by the manufacturer.

LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel Price in Sri Lanka

The price of LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel may vary depending on the quantity and retailer. To obtain accurate pricing information in Sri Lanka, consult local automotive supply stores, authorized dealers, or online retailers such as

LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel Near Me

LIQUI MOLY products, including Speed Tec Diesel, are available at authorized dealers, automotive supply stores, and retailers throughout Sri Lanka. Use the LIQUI MOLY official website’s dealer locator tool or inquire at local automotive shops to find a retailer near you.

With LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec Diesel, diesel engine owners can unlock the full potential of their vehicles, enjoying improved performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions compliance for a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.



  • does not influence the cetane number
  • better drivability
  • contains no organometallic compounds
  • suitable for diesel particulate filters
  • higher performance gain
  • tested for the use with catalytic converters
  • cleans the injection system
  • reduces frictional losses
  • improves acceleration

Technical data

  • Base Additive combination
  • Color / appearance yellow, clear
  • Flash point >63 °C
  • Form flüssig, liquid
  • Viscosity at 40 °C <7 mm²/s
  • Odor characteristic
  • Density at 15 °C 0,822 g/cm³

Areas of application

Add to diesel fuel, especially for vehicle diesel engines as well as suitable for fast vans. For the improvement of vehicle acceleration and smooth operation.


One 250 ml can is sufficient for max. 70 liters of diesel fuel. Mix the contents of the can with the diesel fuel. Mixing also takes place automatically.

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