LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop 300ml

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LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop helps to swell and regenerate engine seals and piston rings, reducing oil consumption and preventing exhaust smoke.

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LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop 300ml.

LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop is an engine oil additive that is designed to reduce oil consumption and exhaust smoke in gasoline and diesel engines. Excessive oil consumption and exhaust smoke can be caused by worn engine seals, piston rings, or other components, and can lead to poor engine performance and increased emissions.


LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop stands out among other oil additives due to its remarkable features. This specialized formulation is designed to reduce oil consumption and minimize oil smoke, addressing the root cause of these issues. By employing a combination of high-quality additives, Oil Smoke Stop effectively seals gaps in the engine’s piston rings and valve guides, preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber and causing smoke.

Furthermore, LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop provides excellent lubrication properties, ensuring optimal protection for engine components. It contains additives that reduce friction, resulting in smoother engine operation and extended engine life. This, in turn, leads to improved performance and a quieter engine.


The benefits of LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop extend beyond its impressive features. By incorporating this oil additive into your vehicle maintenance routine, you can experience a range of advantages that positively impact your engine’s performance and overall driving experience.

First and foremost, LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop effectively reduces oil consumption and prevents oil smoke. By sealing gaps and preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber, the additive helps eliminate the visible smoke emitted from the exhaust. This not only improves the vehicle’s appearance but also ensures better environmental compliance by reducing harmful emissions.

Moreover, the reduction in oil consumption leads to cost savings as you need less frequent oil top-ups and oil changes. LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop helps maintain a proper oil level in the engine, ensuring optimal lubrication and reducing the need for additional oil replenishment.

Additionally, the exceptional lubrication properties of LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop provide enhanced engine protection. The reduced friction and improved lubrication ensure smoother engine operation, minimizing wear on critical engine components. This contributes to a longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs.

LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop Price in Sri Lanka

The price of LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop in Sri Lanka may vary depending on the retailer and the quantity you purchase. However, considering the numerous benefits it offers, the cost is well worth the investment. On average, a 300ml bottle of LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop can range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,500 in Sri Lanka. It is recommended to check with authorized LIQUI MOLY dealers or reputable automotive stores for the most accurate pricing information.

How to Use LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop

Using LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop is a straightforward process. To ensure optimal results, follow these steps:

  1. Check your vehicle’s oil level and ensure it is within the recommended range. If necessary, top up the oil to the proper level.
  2. Shake the bottle of LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop thoroughly to ensure proper mixing of the additives.
  3. With the engine turned off, pour the recommended amount of Oil Smoke Stop into the engine oil filler neck. Refer to the packaging or the product instructions for the appropriate dosage based on your vehicle’s oil capacity.
  4. Replace the oil filler cap securely.
  5. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to allow the oil additive to circulate throughout the engine.
  6. Take your vehicle for a short drive, allowing the engine to reach normal operating temperature. This will help the additive to fully mix with the engine oil and start working effectively.
  7. Regularly monitor your oil level and observe any improvements in oil consumption and smoke reduction over time.

Note: LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop is recommended for use during every oil change to maintain its benefits and ensure consistent results.

Technical data

Color/Appearance: yellow, clear
Appearance/properties: viscous liquid
Density at 20 °C: 0,851 g/ml
Viscosity at 40 °C: 183 mm²/s
Flashpoint: 120 °C
Odor: characteristic
Form: Liquid

Areas of application

For all gasoline and diesel engines. Compatible with all commercially available motor oils. Not suitable for use in motorbikes with wet clutches.


One 300 ml can of Oil Smoke Stop is sufficient for 4 – 6 liters of motor oil. Do not add more than 10 %. Add to the warm motor oil during every oil change and between oil changes if oil consumption is very high.


LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop offers a reliable solution to address oil consumption and smoke issues in your engine. With its impressive features and numerous benefits, including reduced oil consumption, minimized smoke, and enhanced engine protection, this oil additive is a valuable addition to your vehicle maintenance routine. Invest in LIQUI MOLY Oil Smoke Stop and enjoy a cleaner engine, improved performance, and peace of mind on the road.

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