LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive 300ml

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LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive is a high-quality product that can help to improve engine performance and extend the life of the engine.

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LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive 300ml.

LIQUI MOLY is a well-known German brand that produces a variety of automotive lubricants and additives. One of their products is the LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive, which is designed to improve the performance of engine oil.

The LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive is formulated with a combination of high-quality synthetic and mineral base oils, along with a blend of advanced additives. It is intended to improve engine performance by reducing friction, protecting against wear and tear, and preventing the formation of deposits and sludge in the engine.

The LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive is compatible with all types of engine oil, whether it be mineral, synthetic, or a blend of both. It is easy to use and can be added directly to the engine oil. Simply pour the entire contents of the bottle into the engine oil and then run the engine for a few minutes to allow the additive to circulate throughout the system.

LIQUI MOLY claims that the Oil Additive can help to reduce fuel consumption and extend the life of the engine. However, it is important to note that additives are not a substitute for regular engine maintenance and oil changes. It is still important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil changes and other engine maintenance tasks.


LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive is engineered with advanced features to provide exceptional engine protection and performance enhancement. This specialized formulation combines high-quality additives that work synergistically to optimize lubrication, reduce friction, and prevent wear.

One of the key features of LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive is its ability to form a protective film on engine components, such as cylinder walls, pistons, and camshafts. This film reduces friction and minimizes metal-to-metal contact, resulting in improved engine efficiency and reduced wear.

Additionally, LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive contains anti-foaming agents that help prevent the formation of air bubbles in the oil. This ensures consistent and reliable lubrication, even under high-stress conditions, such as during intense driving or heavy loads.

Furthermore, the additive is designed to improve oil stability and maintain viscosity across a wide range of temperatures. This means that the oil maintains its optimal thickness and lubricating properties, providing reliable protection in both hot and cold weather conditions.


LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive offers a wide range of benefits that positively impact engine performance, longevity, and overall driving experience.

Firstly, the advanced formulation of LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive provides superior lubrication, reducing friction and wear on critical engine components. This results in smoother engine operation, reduced heat generation, and improved fuel efficiency. With reduced friction, the engine experiences less strain, leading to prolonged engine life.

Secondly, LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive helps maintain a cleaner engine by preventing the build-up of sludge and deposits. By keeping engine components clean, the additive ensures optimal oil flow, preventing blockages and maintaining consistent lubrication throughout the engine. This leads to improved engine performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Furthermore, the enhanced lubrication provided by LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive helps protect against cold-start damage, which is a common issue in cold weather conditions. The additive ensures that oil reaches critical engine components quickly, reducing wear during start-up and prolonging engine life.

LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive Price in Sri Lanka

The price of LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive in Sri Lanka may vary depending on the retailer and the quantity you purchase. However, considering the significant benefits it offers, the cost is well worth the investment. On average, a 300ml bottle of LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive can range from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 5,000 in Sri Lanka. It is advisable to check with authorized LIQUI MOLY dealers or reputable automotive stores for the most accurate pricing information.

How to Use LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive

Using LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure optimal results:

  1. Begin by checking the engine oil level in your vehicle and ensuring it is within the recommended range. If necessary, top up the oil to the proper level.
  2. Shake the bottle of LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive well to ensure proper mixing of the additives.
  3. With the engine turned off, pour the recommended amount of Oil Additive into the engine oil filler neck. Refer to the packaging or product instructions for the appropriate dosage based on your vehicle’s oil capacity.
  4. Replace the oil filler cap securely.
  5. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to allow the oil additive to circulate throughout the engine.
  6. Take your vehicle for a short drive, allowing the engine to reach normal operating temperature. This will help the additive to fully mix with the engine oil and start working effectively.
  7. Regularly monitor your oil level and observe any improvements in engine performance, lubrication, and fuel efficiency over time.

Note: It is recommended to use LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive during every oil change to maintain its benefits and ensure consistent results.

Technical data

Base:MoS2 -Suspension
Color / appearance: black
Solids content: ~ 3 %
Density at 20 °C: 0,9 g/cm³ DIN 51757
Flash point: 201 °C DIN ISO 2592
Pour point: -20 °C DIN ISO 3016
Odor: characteristic
Form: liquid
Viscosity at 40 °C: 95 mm²/s

Areas of application

Added to the lubricating oil of engines, compressors and pumps. Specially for motor vehicle engines (gasoline and diesel engines). Can be mixed with all
commercially available motor oils. Suitable for toothed belts running in oil.

Comment: The maximum dosage for motorcycles with a wet clutch is 2 %!

Application and Instruction

Shake before use. Add 5 % (50 ml per 1 l of oil) to motor oil; in motorcycles with a wet clutch add 2 % (20 ml per 1 l of oil). Can be added to the motor oil at any time.


LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive offers a reliable solution to optimize engine performance, reduce friction, and enhance lubrication. With its advanced features and numerous benefits, including improved engine efficiency, reduced wear, and extended engine life, this oil additive is a valuable addition to your vehicle maintenance routine. Invest in LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive and unleash the power of your engine, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.

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