LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec 300ml


LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec is a ceramic-based engine oil additive that reduces friction and wears on engine components, and also protects against corrosion and sludge.

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LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec 300ml.

LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec is a product designed to protect and extend the life of automotive engine components. It is essentially a ceramic-based engine oil additive that is intended to reduce friction and wear on engine components, as well as protect against corrosion and sludge buildup.

The LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec additive contains microscopic ceramic particles that are designed to bond with the metal surfaces inside the engine, forming a protective layer that helps to reduce friction and wear. The product is compatible with all types of engine oils, including synthetic and mineral oils, and can be used in gasoline, diesel, and LPG engines.

To use LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec, simply add the entire bottle of product to the engine oil during an oil change. The product will mix with the oil and circulate through the engine, forming a protective layer on the metal surfaces. The manufacturer recommends using the product every other oil change to maintain optimal engine protection.

Using LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec can help to extend the life of engine components, as well as improve engine performance and fuel economy. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and to ensure that the product is compatible with your particular engine and oil type before use. Additionally, it is not recommended to use Cera Tec in engines with wet clutches, as the ceramic particles may interfere with the clutch’s operation.

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