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  • Windscreen Cleaner Shampoo

    Windscreen Cleaner Shampoo

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    Windshield Cleaner Form

    Highly effective foam cleaner. Ensures glare-free care windows, which increases safety. Loosens and removes silicones, nicotine, insects, oil and greasy soiling. Suitable for polycarbonate-based plastics. Neutral to rubber, paints and plastics.

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    Windshield Super Concentrated Cleaner


    Gives you a clear, smear-free view in seconds. Removes oil, silicon films and insect soiling. With citrus power. Phosphate-free and biodegradable. Dosage 1:100.

  • Wiper Blade


    Variable applications thanks to symmetrical spoiler
    Multi-adapter system

    Pre-installed adapter for hook attachment
    For retrofitting new jointless wiper blade technology (flat blade) onto older cars
    Flexible solution for covering the most popular OE wiper arms and for use on newer-generation vehicles

    Improved aerodynamics

    Allows higher travelling speeds than standard windscreen wipers

    Resealable individual packaging

    Lengths can be individually customised
    Low storage costs and minimal space requirement

    Refillable (replacement rubber wiper blade)

    Optimised storage costs
    Protects resources (environment)

  • Wurth Active Glass Cleaner

    Active cleaning foam for streak-free cleaning on glass and smooth surfaces

    When spraying, a foam is produced, which prevents running off on vertical surfaces, thereby reliably removing stubborn dirt

    Cleans painted surfaces as well as rubber and plastic parts while remaining gentle on the material

    Saves money thanks to 20x yield

    Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Not suitable for polycarbonate glass.