Rust Remover

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  • Rust remover Rost-Off Plus

    High-quality rust remover, lubricating effect ? owing to the latest additive technology (OMC?2?technology)
    High capillary activity

    Optimum creeping properties ensure outstanding rust penetration and extensive rust removal

    Contains liquid, highly effective, organic molybdenum compound OMC2

    In contrast to products which contain solid lubricants, such as MOS2, OMC2?does not precipitate out in larger containers
    Friction is reduced
    Excellent lubricating effect by smoothing the metal surface
    Ensures permanent smooth running of connections

    Corrosion protection additives for optimum protection

    Provides lasting protection against further corrosion

    Resin and acid-free


    Compatible with rubber and plastic

    Immediately remove excess material or splashes on sensitive and painted surfaces.
    Resin- and acid-free


  • Rust Solvent XXL

    Extra-fast acting Rust Solvent. Loosens stuck screws and nuts in little time. It penetrates even narrow passages. The rust is tunneled and loosened.