Wiper Blades Wurth

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1 x smart FLATBLADE windscreen wiper with profile edge protection including premounted multi-adapters for hook wiper arms (retrofit) and OE adapters for the most common new-generation vehicle types (direct fit)

Make sure that the windscreen is free of oil, wax, tar and other soiling so that the service life is not negatively affected.

Always lay a protective material on the windscreen when mounting.

Variable applications thanks to the symmetrical spoiler
Multi-adapter system

Pre-installed adapter for hook attachment
For retrofitting new jointless wiper blade technology (flat blade) onto older cars
Flexible solution for covering the most popular OE wiper arms and for use on newer-generation vehicles

Improved aerodynamics

Allows higher travelling speeds than standard windscreen wipers

Resealable individual packaging

Lengths can be individually customised
Low storage costs and minimal space requirement

Refillable (replacement rubber wiper blade)

Optimised storage costs
Protects resources (environment)

Additional information

Size (Inches)

12", 14", 17", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24", 25"


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